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MEP drawings, also known as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection drawings, are technical drawings that contain specific information regarding a building’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems. Construction at Caddsight MEP drawings often include information regarding the layout and routing of pipes, ducts, and electrical wiring, in addition to the location of equipment like boilers, HVAC units, and electrical panels. Other information that may be included in MEP plans is the location of the equipment. They are vital for ensuring that the building’s systems are safe, efficient, and comply with MEP standard norms and laws, and they are utilized by architects, engineers, and contractors when designing and constructing structures.



Having MEP coordination drawings that have a specific BIM LOD (Level of Detailing 100-500) makes it easier to create, fabricate, install, assemble, and manage facilities during the design-build process. Caddsight has adopted Revit and Naviswork in order to ease construction drawing services for Mechanical/HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire protection, Architectural, Structural, and Facade shop drawings. These services are all part of the company’s shop drawing offerings.

Detail-oriented mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) fabrication drawings and mechanical shop drawings, such as panel distribution drawings, duct detailing, and water supply detailing, are provided by experienced MEP engineers.

Our MEPF Shop Drawing Coordination Services Include:

Mechanical HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) Drawings

MEP Electrical Drawings

MEP Plumbing Drawings

MEP Sprinkler Drawings

architectural drafting services

Advantages of MEP Shop Drawings Services

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Why Should You Outsource MEP Shop Drawings to Caddsight?

From construction drawings to as-built drawings, Caddsight is one of the most reputable MEP drawings service suppliers in the United States of America and Canada for 10 years.

Reduced expenses:

When compared to recruiting employees to work in-house, outsourcing MEP shop drawing services can be a more cost-effective option because it avoids the need to pay for employee benefits, training, and other overhead expenditures.


Our team of architects, engineers, and modelers are prepared with the most up-to-date software and technology, in order to reduce the amount of stress brought on by your workload through our increased productivity.

Specialized and dedicated team:

Our experienced and professional in-house team of trained MEP engineers, BIM consultants, Architects, and Contractors deliver quality assured services with client-centric solutions, including the creation of MEP shop drawings.


Cost Reduction


Quiker Turnaround


Satisfied Clients


Data Security

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